Our Lady and Sheen

Day 1

It is now mid-night, in the silence of my home, I am prayerfully prepared, and hopefully all packed. In 6 hours, my alarm will wake me, and half an hour later I will be assisting as best I can in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Following that most miraculous meal, I will set out to a friend’s house for the night so that I can leave on Thursday with very little trouble.

I find myself hard pressed to think about life after my pilgrimage. Because of the distance involved, it seems like that two weeks is an entire lifetime apart. Several people have been informing me that they think that my life will be significantly changed by my trip, and I do not know whether or not to hope this is true. As a man, I hope to face life head on, with God at my side… But this is easier said than done. I ask anyone who may read this blog to pray for me this next two weeks. And pray for my mother who is terribly worried.

I will pray for my readers along the course of my pilgrimage.

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  1. I will pray for you and your momma. (Moms do get rather scared during their children’s transatlantic trips)

    Comment by Christine Pennacchio | June 16, 2010 | Reply

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