Our Lady and Sheen


I have it very lucky. Today, my pilgrimage took me 700km, in olden days that would be a great pilgrimage, today just hours of driving. That does not mean that God can’t use modern convienences to help build us up.

First, let me say that I got my full 10 hours of sleep, it was a great respite from no sleep for 30 odd hours, and the waking up early the days before that. I prayed, and made it to the bus stop, forgot to swipe out of the bus and needed to buy another ticket on the tram, but made it to the Hertz dealership. That being said, while in Amsterdam, I travelled by airplane, train, tram, bus, bicycle, and car… All that was missing was a horse!

After getting my Ford Ka, I left Overtoom and almost ran a red turning light, managed to survive, then took the wrong highway! A comedy of errors! Once I was situated, the drive through Holland was very nice, and I even eventually saw my first “fancy” Dutch windmill. It did rain a lot, though it wasn’t a horrible rain.

My trip through Belgium was more of the same, I had gained my confidence in driving.

France was a different story!

There are many toll roads in France, I almost managed to double my cost of driving, that’s very frustrating. A pilgrim’s money has always helped local areas, but this is harsh.

Seconly, and most harshly, my GPS died. I finally found a fuel station and asked a man to charge it in his car. The problem, so I thought was that the plug was loose because of Ford, because that’s what my renter told me. So he charged it, and I got on my way, and it was dead again a second later. I managed not to freak out, purely by the grace of God. I then found the real culprit, the plug into the GPS itself was loose. A few minutes later and I was back on the road.

I managed to drive over the mouth of the Seine, looking over the English Chanel. Also, Normandie is so beautiful, I could not believe it. It was like driving through A fairy tale land.

Also, the French know how to do roadside foods. For supper I had a Parisian sandwhich, water and an apple pie for 6,50€. And when I say apple pie I mean a tarte au pomme, a legitimate French pastry pie! I only could finish half of each, so I saved on dinner!

My day ended 2 hours later than I hoped, but I am nearly ready for sleep, now that the sun finally went down at 10pm.

Tomorrow, I pray lauds with the Carmelites, then run up the hill to attend Mass with St. Therese! Then look around a while and perhaps going to a picnic I just heard about.

St. Therese, pray for us!
Our Lady, pray for us!


June 19, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Sounds like a great/terrifying day! Ah the life of the pilgram! I hope today will be filled with abundant blessings as you pray with the carmelites and in the presence of St. Therese!

    Comment by Brother Bernard | June 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. Sounds exciting in France. God bless and enjoy!

    Comment by Christine Pennacchio | June 20, 2010 | Reply

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