Our Lady and Sheen

Missa cantata a Lisieux

Carmel was extremely simple, which is good, considering they are Carmelites. I thought I’d understand something in Lauds, but I couldn’t even figure out when they were saying the Gloria Patri, but…

At 9 am I went to the Basilica of St Therese fir mass, but the main mass was at 1030. What I discovered instead was the mass in the extraordinary form, aka the Latin Mass. I could understand and respond to everything, except the homily, which made my day. There seemed to be some differences, in that the priest did not read the lesson, and proclaimed the Gospel in French, away from the altar, but maybe they’ve been permitted to try new rubrics.

After Mass I prayed a Rosary with St Therese’s right arm in the Basilica, and venerated her and her parents relics.

I then went to Les Bissonettes, the childhood home of Therese after her mother’s death. It was a very moving experience for me. Maybe the most so far.

After that, I visited the cathedral, which was extremely old. Then I met up with a woman who works in preserving culture and she showed me the rest of the “normal” city. It was great, we visited a picnic put on by the city to celebrate expressionist painters and culture, visited the only quarter to survive World War II, and ended with cider and crepes. It was the first time I’ve had goat cheese, with honey on crepes it is very good!

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  1. Cool – you had an expert buddy to see the city with!

    That’s amazing that you got to pray where St. Therese lived!

    Comment by Christine Pennacchio | June 23, 2010 | Reply

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