Our Lady and Sheen

Money and Americans

While on the flight from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, the young lady I was sitting next to explained that she thought the Dutch were not laid back. She went on to tell me about how whenever she had a map out in New York City many people would stop and help her with directions.

This reminded me that Americans give to charities more than any other country, according to a Brittish paper I once read. Again this is highlighted by H.R.H. Prince Harry’s comments while raising money at a polo match in New York this weekend.

On the smaller scale, today walking past the currency exchange, an American was exchanging bills for Euros and it came out to 50,80, a rather awful number. I thought nothing of giving him 20 cents to make it an even Euro and save him two coins rattling. What was I going to do with 20 cents Euro, anyway?

I happened to be at the currency exchange to see if they would break my five dollars so I could take the bus when I got back to Houston. I asked him if he could break the five, and he only had $3, but was prepared to give it to me without exchange. I then told him I only needed one, and this newest benefactor gladly gave it to me, offering me safe travels.

This might happen in other countries (Thailand for one), and of course some of my countrymen would rip you off, but being in Europe has reminded me how much I love the kinship of those three letters.


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