Our Lady and Sheen

The Priest and the Layman – a reflection on the life of Bishop Greco

Once upon a time, in a land far away (unless you live in Switzerland) there was a priest studying for advanced degrees in a humble university.  It was a time of strife and disconnect in the world.  Nation clashed against nation, army against army, even men in the air, from the sea, and on the land clashed against one another.  Still, within that setting of World War, the priesthood survives and thrives with good, humble men seeking to do the best they can.

Enter onto the scene this good and humble Priest of God.  Over time, since his ordination, this priest had developed a sincere love for Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Because of this humble and sincere devotion to Jesus, he had begun to bow down and kiss the Blessed Sacrament instead of the altar at one part during the Mass (this was of course the Tridentine Mass, back in the 1910’s).

Then one day out of no where, this layman, this lowly seminarian with only a year or two of Theology under his belt came to this Priest of God and said, “Father, this cannot be done as you are doing it, for the rubrics forbid it!” (I paraphrased that part, I don’t know what was actually said word for word.)  The priest, this humble servant of God, told this young man that he did it out of true devotion and love, but if it was forbidden, he would stop.  And the young Master of Ceremonies, Seminarian Charles P. Greco, indeed showed the priest the rubrics, and the priest indeed stopped.

What courage from a young man!  What courage is requested of us all!  But! BUT! BUT!!! What beautiful humility is requested of our Priests, who serve us, the laity.  Who daily put on the yoke of Christ and voluntarily take up their cross, be it for the feeding of the poor with bread for life, or for the feeding of the poor with the Bread of Life.  When the priest voluntarily dies to self out of love or obedience, or both!  And while Seminarian Greco indeed was brave to approach a priest and inform him of his mistake, the Priest was humble; and while courage fights fear, humility fights pride.  Let us pray or an increase in both virtues!

The story was an adaptation from “With God’s Help: Memoirs of Bishop Charles P. Greco” Printed by the Knights of Columbus with the permission of the Diocese of Alexandria.


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