Our Lady and Sheen

Sacramental Saturday

The sacraments are important, and the ordinary way to salvation.  I have decided to dedicate a small portion of my blog directly to them.  The next few posts about the sacraments will be to help with a smoother transition to the new translation of the ordinary form of the Mass.  You can find out much more about the new translation for the Mass at: http://usccb.org/romanmissal/

The first part of the translation I will deal with is probably the most commonly used expression during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (other than Amen, which is staying the same, I promise!).  Just as a reminder, the translations are NOT in effect currently, so don’t begin saying these things until it’s time!

Currently during Mass when the priest says “The Lord be with you,” we all respond “And also with you.”  This is said quite a few times, also after “The Peace of the Lord be with you always.”  We have all had it drilled into us as an immediate response. But now, we will see a new response that we must learn, ready? Here it is:

“And with your spirit.”

Phew, did everyone survive that? Oh, good! Its an undramatic change for us all of us, because its the same length, but its worth practicing! So when you’re with you’re faithful Catholic friends, greet them with “peace be with you,” and have them respond “and with your spirit.” It may not be liturgically correct, but I think its a good greeting to exchange between friends. (If it’s not at all correct, some one correct me in charity.)

Why are we changing this little thing? Well, it is to bring us closer to the Latin prayer, which, despite what some “Spirit of Vatican II” folks might say, is the official language of the Church. In Latin, the response is, “Et cum spiritu tuo,” meaning, “and with your spirit,” so, voila!

See, we’ve finished one whole part of the translation and it wasn’t that scary! Now we build enthusiasm, and it will be an excellent transition!


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