Our Lady and Sheen

We place our Hope in Jesus, and find hope in… China?

China, for years the epitome of oppression and crushing Communist rule, in the eyes of most in the West, at least.  The one child policy, poverty, human rights abuses and Tiananmen Square are the first things that pass through my mind when I hear about modern China.  In addition to the manufacturing of almost everything I pick up in the store.  But, I have never been to China, I have only spoken to a few Chinese citizens, and I know, that despite their government, the people of China are still created by God, have an immortal soul, hopes, dreams and everything else that you would find in a citizen of any other country.

On that note, Dr. Anthony Clark from Whitworth University has published an absolutely amazing article on Chinese Catholicism.  Not in the vein of underground Church vs state sponsored church, but in the vein of the people of God reaching out to God, in a climate that is not always suitable for doing so.  I put this challenge to all of us, to examine our lives and to find out if we could be a little closer to God.  In “Red” China, this village pipes the Most Holy Rosary through the speaker system in town before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass… when was the last time, in this free country, you made the Sign of the Cross and said grace while you were out at dinner, even at McDonald’s?

Check out the article here!

Archbishop Sheen, advocate for true Freedom around the world, Pray for Us!

All of you Chinese Martyrs, following the King of Martyrs, our Lord Jesus Christ, Pray or Us!


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  1. This is amazing!!!! I am astounded that such a vibrant, large, and child-filled community can exist in China. I want to find out more. Read this article, everyone!

    Comment by Christine Pennacchio | July 13, 2010 | Reply

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