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Book Review: Hope for Hard Times by Scott Hahn

I have just read one of OSV’s “30-Minute Read” series of books, Hope for Hard Times by Scott Hahn.  Dr. Hahn is one of my favorite authors after Archbishop Sheen, but I came to the book with a lot of discomfort.  First, I thought that explaining suffering in 60 small pages would be a very difficult thing to accomplish.  Second, while knowing Dr. Hahn is usually amazingly precise in explaining things in the context of the cross, (and OSV is no stranger to orthodoxy!) I was afraid that with such a small book it would be too much of a “fluff” piece.  I am very happy to report that I was wrong on both of my worries!

Dr. Hahn does an amazing job combining scripture, the writings of the saints, compassion and common sense into a motivational booklet that left me feeling much stronger about the suffering that I go through, as small as it is.  Dr. Hahn’s powerful words and use of powerful scripture was especially appealing.  The most practical section of the book deals with the difference in complaining to, and complaining about God.  Sometimes, I feel as Christians that we either do not want to complain because we feel that a good Christian doesn’t complain, or conversely we complain about everything from the donuts (or not having donuts, probably good for me), to the way the priest shakes hands with the people after the Mass.  Dr. Hahn does a wonderful job of integrating the hope of the beatific vision into the everyday lives of people suffering.

Overall, I’d say this book would be good for any person who believes in the true God, but is struggling in life.  I think the concepts of sacrifices of love are foreign to most of the world, but this would be a good introduction to those searching and open to the true Faith.

The only objection that I had, is that in my barely literate nature, it took me about 55 minutes to read!  But, to be fair, the depth that Dr. Hahn went into, I could have spent 30 minutes on each chapter!

Our Lady, Mother of Sorrows, pray for us!


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  1. Sounds cool. Where does one find this mini-book?

    Comment by Christine Pennacchio | July 15, 2010 | Reply

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