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Movie Review Monday: Inception, Salt

Inception – PG-13 / A-III

When I was about to graduate college the Newman Club held a meeting in which they sent off the seniors with a little re-introduction.  Mine was done by my friend Marc, who is now in seminary.  He said that what he liked most about me was that “if you’ve ever had a weird thought, and you wanted to know if anyone else had had it, you should ask him.”  Inception was basically my mind played out on a movie screen, it was great.  Other than the idea of promoting criminal acts as a “good,” the movie was well put together and very thrilling.  The rating for it is a little low, although there is little if any graphic action, there is a lot of violence and the idea of integrating existential philosophy into a child’s viewing is somewhat dangerous.  This is perhaps the best I have ever seen Leonardo Dicaprio act, not to be mean towards him.  For adults this movie is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time!  I give it a 5/5 rating (with objections to be noted)

Salt – PG-13 / (No rating from the Bishops’ office)

This movie was interesting, until they began to treat real life like a scene from The Matrix, action movies must walk a fine line between reality and what I like to call Awesomeness.  Salt crossed it in a lot of those aspects of causing an otherwise amazing movie to become unbelievable.  The plot was one of excitement and paranoia which was really very exciting.  I think minus the jumping from truck to truck this movie would have scored much higher.  For all you conspiracy buffs out there, I highly recommend this.  For everyone else, I’d give this movie a 3/5 rating.  Also, I think that it deserves an A-III rating for “Adults” more so than just 13 year olds.


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  1. Oh interesting.

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