Our Lady and Sheen

Wow… Just Wow! Fr. Rutler speaks.

NLM has just re-published an article written by Fr. George Rutler which is fantastic.  If you are interested in the salvation of souls and liturgics, I think that Fr. Rutler has done an excellent job here.


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What a wonderful thing this interweb is

If you have ever wanted your children to pray with the Pope… even one that has been dead many years… in Latin… the internet can let you do that!  Check out Pope Pius XII at Orbis Catholicus Secundus.

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Amazing Christian Virtue

For those of you following the harrowing story of the miners trapped in Chile, you may or may not have seen this story on CNN.  The miners, who are trapped with rescue efforts potentially taking months have asked for suplies in which to build a shrine to pray for their rescue.  Additionally, the President of Chile has placed a statue of St. Lorenzo, patron of miners, in the presidential palace.  This is all very amazing stuff, please go read the story at the Catholic News Agency, and remember that prayer is our first recourse, not our last.

St. Lorenzo, pray for us.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

Archbishop Sheen, pray for us.

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For those of you who don’t know!

EWTN shows episodes of Life is Worth Living on Saturdays at 6pm Eastern, 5pm Central.  These shows are amazingly good.  For younger viewers, he is not a stand up comic, but he is funny.  The humor is very mature usually, and very 1950’s!  The message however (with a few tweaks, because the Berlin Wall has come down) is dead-on accurate.

Last week’s episode was on how to raise a delinquent using the techniques of the day, that are surprisingly similar to the techniquest that we hear today!

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A great sign for our times

A priest friend of mine has told me a few times of the wonder and beauty (natural and divine) of Our Lady of Clear Creek Monastery.  Then on EWTN this past Saturday night/Sunday morning I saw a documentary on the monastery and the Benedictines who ore et labora there.  Today, NLM has a brief review and posting of the movie.

Check it out!

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For those who like to read… but not books… but still love God’s servants!

The American Papist is covering great new mediums of preaching the Gospel all the time.  That doesn’t just have to be technologically based, here he covers new, and because I am not good at this stuff, we’ll simplify it and say comic books.  Check it out here!

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Why be a Mad Trad?

I found this post and found it a very interesting take on why people become “Mad Trads.”  Check it out here!

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Great great great news!

Everyone, I’m pleased to announce that the embargo has been lifted, and I can declare that I am an uncle to a beautiful neice or a handsome nephew who is due to be born in April!  Pray for my sister, Sarah, her husband Will, and my new little precious awesome baby neice or nephew! (That wasn’t a request. 🙂 )

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New Blog

My friend tipped me off to a blog about her friend’s blog.  This is what I wanted my blog to be like, but I am not nearly as tech savvy and artistic as this young seminarian seems to be!  Check it out, it brought back a lot of good memories just in his first few posts: http://zackswantek.blogspot.com/

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Sacrifices of Love

I’ve been kicking around in my head all day, and some of yesterday the idea of sacrifice.  Sometimes it’s easy to think that all sacrifices come in the same vein as the single greatest sacrifice of love, the Cross.  We all know that, “Indeed, only with difficulty does one die for a just person, though perhaps for a good person one might even find courage to die(Romans 5:7).”  And indeed, for someone we love, we think that this death might be easier to endure.

When we think of the smaller things sometimes they are easier to give up for others, and sometimes they are harder.  If a friend asks me for a dollar, I have no problem in handing them the currency.  If a friend asks me for 10 minutes, on Monday, perhaps it is harder for me to put their needs before my own.  If a stranger is struggling through the door, I will take the time to open it.  These are all, in their own way events that have potential to be a sacrifice of love.  We say to ourselves, “I know I really want that last piece of cake, but I can offer it to someone else instead.”  Certainly, these are good things to practice.

The Blood of the Cross poured out for the world to see, before mother and beloved deciple, servants and free, enemies and soldiers.  The sacrifice of love on Golgotha was for the redemption of you, and I, each the most beloved of all creation, despite what arithmetic tells us.  The sacrifice of the Holy Cross is present for those to see, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the Love of the Father sacrifices for us once and for all time.  At every moment praise and thanksgiving is given up to God, and at every moment throughout history and the future their stands One, like the Son of Man, crucified yet alive, slain yet standing, cursed by human lips yet uncursable.

That sacrifice, the one that emulates the Love of the Father who gives his only begotten Son is easy to picture.  If, says the self to the beloved, I must sacrifice, I will bleed for thee more than anyone has ever bled, and as I breathe my dying breath, I will think of nothing but you and that paradise that awaits he who lays down his life for a friend; because of those three words, “I love you.”

I put forth to you and I instead, what if, and I do not know, that is not your cross.  What if the greatest sacrifice of love you can make is to fail to show the blood of the offering.  To keep hidden within your heart and soul, the traumas and lashings and bruises and bleedings that cry out constantly, “I love you!”  What if the true measure of our lives is not how much we show the life of our veins, but how much it flows unseen.

The only example I can think of, other than that of the Father, is that of the parents.  Parents constantly lay down theirselves for their children, with no recognition.  Even the act of sending a child to the first day of kindergarten rips through the heart of a parent, and yet, they willingly and cheerfully send the little one onto that very big bus.

I pray for strength to more lovingly offer my sacrifices of love, be they purely of praise to God or if they are made to the Father out of love for my brothers and sisters here in the church militant or in the church suffering.

God Love You

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