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Guarding your heart and other advice from the past

I’ve been reminiscing a little about college mostly and I think that some of the best advice that I’ve ever been given came off-handedly from some very holy priests, or through their homilies.  A few that I recall immediately are from Fr. Boniface.

1. “If you’re not holy enough to be a priest, you’re not holy enough to be married.”  In differentiating between the calls to priestly life and married life, reinforcing that the primary call was to holiness, however, when I first heard it, I was taken aback because of the bluntness of such things.

2. A particularly amazing daily Mass homily regarding us being “wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.”  Very moving.

3.  The one time that I made it to State College in the fall of 2006 for Mass, Fr. Boniface gave a homily on being hurt.  He spoke on how betrayal from some one we loved was one of the most difficult types of pain because we open our hearts to that person, we take off our armor, and we move in for an embrace.  We offer them more than we offer to the outside world because our heart calls us to do so.

When strangers hurt us, we’re usually okay, relatively speaking because we have our normal guards in place.  But with friends and loved ones, we are so willing to trust that they will not hurt us, that when they do, instead of being a “stab in the back” it becomes a knife through our chest.  We immediately take our heart and cover it, and build up some sort of make shift defense so that person can never hurt us again, so that we don’t have to feel that intense pain.  We turn from the person who hurt us, into a defensive position so that the next blow does not hurt us as badly, or goes to a less vital part of our body.  Then, we try to heal as best we can, through tears, anger or denial.

No one blames you for feeling like this, save the accuser of the brethren, because it is natural.  But, the homily involved the hardest piece of advice that this hard hearted man has ever heard:

Turn back, open hearted again, to that person.  Do not put up walls, but offer your whole heart once again in love and charity, knowing that Jesus has done the same for us.

I, of course, can not put this in the words that Fr. Boniface did, but sometimes they are helpful to remember, and to not put up walls against people whom I should love, as the Father loves.



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The Pope on the Sacrament of Penance

His Holiness, while writing to seminarians throughout the world, spoke on his personal devotion to penance.  I think that to read what the Holy Father writes, and especially what he quotes, is something that needs to be read constantly and drilled into our hearts and our minds for the daily struggle of life on the road to Heaven.  Take strength, even in your struggles, knowing that God who is perfect, loves you perfectly.

3. The sacrament of Penance is also important. It teaches me to see myself as God sees me, and it forces me to be honest with myself. It leads me to humility. The Curé of Ars once said: “You think it makes no sense to be absolved today, because you know that tomorrow you will commit the same sins over again. Yet,” he continues, “God instantly forgets tomorrow’s sins in order to give you his grace today.” Even when we have to struggle continually with the same failings, it is important to resist the coarsening of our souls and the indifference which would simply accept that this is the way we are. It is important to keep pressing forward, without scrupulosity, in the grateful awareness that God forgives us ever anew – yet also without the indifference that might lead us to abandon altogether the struggle for holiness and self-improvement. Moreover, by letting myself be forgiven, I learn to forgive others. In recognizing my own weakness, I grow more tolerant and understanding of the failings of my neighbour.

To read the rest of the letter, you can see it here.

Update: Fr. Z goes on to speak about this letter in great detail here

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I have not posted in forever, please forgive me.  I have many things that I have been thinking about posting, and will work on those in short order!

A friend of mine posted a link to this analysis of the recent miner rescue in Chile, and I thought that it was extremely good.  So please, check it out, and remember to praise God in all things.

Here we go.

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