Our Lady and Sheen

The Year of Our Lord 2011

To all my readers, Happy New Year!

I hope that this recently beginning year has been good for you so far, and I pray that God will bless you and your family throughout the entire year.

To begin I have a small story. The other night I was at a pre-new year’s eve party and was discussing my plans for the future. One of the women I was speaking with informed me that she would be so happy if her son was a priest. My immediate response, without thinking, was, “Wellm pray a rosary every day for that!” She informed me that she really doesn’t pray the rosary often because she preferred to just “talk to God casually.” This is, of course, noble in its own way, but it got me to thinking about the power of prayer.

I was thinking that it was very hard for people to trust in God sometimes with their prayers. We often throw prayers up out of obligation or sometimes we don’t know why. This year, I have decided to entrust fully in the Lord a very deep desire of mine. I am going to begin to pray a rosary every day for it, and then trust in God’s providence. Of course, I request all of your prayers for endurance in this matter. This is not a resolution, its part of my duties as a Catholic gentleman, and indeed as a Christian. This posting is just meant as a reminder of the power of prayer and the virtue of Hope in the Lord.

Happy Solemnity of Mary Mother of God!


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