Our Lady and Sheen

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

A few days ago, a student asked me if I wanted to buy a valentine for anyone; I must admit it made me cringe ever so slightly, then I realized that it’s not that big of a deal!  (I do enjoy that St. Valentine is listed as the patron saint of greeting card manufacturers!)

“Wuv… twue wuv,” as the man says, is not something that is eternal.  It is, in fact, someone who is eternal.   The most beautiful part about the Love to me is that throughout time it is the Love of the Cross.  St. Valentine, while alive served the faithful by providing the sacrament of matrimony in the face of the Emperor’s order against it.  He gave his life in an attempt to allow those creatures of God an opportunity to mirror the heavenly love.

While jailed by the Romans he cured the sight of his jailer’s daughter, and mailed off to her a lovely letter, encouraging her in her faith, signing it “Your Valentine.”  Then he was beheaded for the love of Christ.

In the words of our priest at Mass, red, the color of love, is also the color of blood out-poured by the martyrs, like St. Valentine.  I enjoy CatholicCulture.org for its coverage of feast days like today.

St. Valentine, pray for us, and especially for those couples attempting to live lives of Christian virtue.


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