Our Lady and Sheen

Comedy in the midst of Lent

Unless someone is going to censure me, I will go out and say that just because we’re in Lent does not mean we can’t have fun.  So a few brief fun moments:

The man at the gas station in the middle of Mississippi told me I had an “x” on my head.  Over the traffic I said that “It’s a cross, because today is Ash Wednesday!” His response: “That’s from last Wednesday?! You got to wash yo’ face!”

I turned on the heat in my car for my friend Kim, who was chilly, and when she noticed I was dying of heat she offered to turn down the temp.  I responded simply with, “Suffering is the name of the game.”  Her response: “Yeah…especially if the game is called “suffering””

As Catholics know, some things have a response.   You know, “The Lord be with you” with the response (for just 8 more months!) “And also with you!”  Last night, while praying with my friend Brandon, I said “Our help is in the name of the Lord,” to which I heard “Yeah! That sounds good.”  We then continued down the list chanting, “You have given them bread from heaven,” and the natural response chanted back, “And it’s really, really good?”


Ok, that’s my Catholic nerdy humor.  I will probably never do it again 🙂 (publicly)


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