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Sen. Rick Santorum speaks the truth

Last night, I was falling asleep watching television and had the opportunity to see Sen. Santorum’s victory speech.  It was very good, very positive, and on the mark:

The president over the last few years has tried to tell you that he, in fact, the government can give you rights, the government can take care of you and provide for you. They can give you the right to health care, like in Obamacare.

But look what happens when the government gives you rights. When the government gives you rights, unlike when God gives you rights, the government can take them away. When government gives you rights, the government can tell you how to exercise those rights.

And we saw that just in the last week, with a group of people, a small group of people, just Catholics in the United States of America who were told you have a right to health care, but you will have the health care that we tell you, you have to give your people, whether it is against the teachings of your church or not.

Now, I am not the citizen who believes that we need to eliminate government and that the government is bad, after all, I work for the state.  We do need to realize that WE are the government.  We don’t elect a man to sit as king, caesar, dictator, or tyrant.  We elect a man to act as the president of the executive branch.  We elect people to sit as representatives to congress, and their jobs are not to put us under the thumb and squash us, but rather to represent us.

Recently at a doctor’s office, I saw a sign that said “Patients… do not interrupt our work, they are the reason we work.”  All forms of government which concentrate power in the hands of individuals risk that power becoming corrupting.  We must band together and remember that rights are not man made, because men are fleeting, but rather we must strive to encounter God and His love, which give us all true rights.


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