Our Lady and Sheen

34000 feet

Here I sit, at 34000 feet. The sunset is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. The cloud cover beneath us is forming peaks and ridges that make it seem as though we live in a world of snow and orange burning sun. Every child, and me, is amazed by the beauty.

I managed to be volunteered off two flights, so now I can easily afford to see my brother (from a different mother) in Alaska, God willing, this summer.

I met a Bostonian who was on standby with me three times, and she was so funny, even though she was exhausted and might not make it to her mom’s house today.

I ran into a flight attendant based out of Houston who has been my flight attendant before.

I saw a man and his wife, in there 70’s perhaps. His hair was white, and may only be comparable to Moses after the meeting with God. They were so amazing to each other.

And I met a woman from Harvard a year older than I, who was absolutely the most pleasurable stranger I’ve spoken to in a long, long time.

The Creation is incredible. When we men aren’t trying to tear the world apart, we seek out family. Strangers can love one another, sometimes more than families, and be wonderful.

Thank you, Lord, for all of the beautiful opportunities you afford me, especially in meeting people.

May God continue to bless our travels.


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