Our Lady and Sheen

Propaganda – a prophecy for today?

Archbishop Fulton Sheen, in his book from 1947, “Characters of the Passion,” wrote about the political arena in relation to the judgement of Pilate on Christ.  As a non-authoritative  lay person, I consider a great deal of this chapter to be very prophetic, one paragraph in particular stands out, and I’d like to muse on it for a bit.

“Culture today is becoming politicized. The modern state is extending dominance over areas outside its province, family, education, and the soul.”   Recently we have seen the first tenant outside the “province” of state make the most noise.  The debate in the public sphere about the nature of family has become extremely intense and has been relegated to the sphere of government, almost exclusively.  What more intimate area is there than that of family?  Only that between man and his Creator.  The government, in its attempt to be benevolent (I am giving all men the benefit of the doubt), attempts to direct what is and is not family, and it is beyond the sphere of them to decide.  Because of the powers of the government, true or artificial, we see these ideas creeping in more and more today.

“It is concentrating public opinion in fewer and fewer hands, which becomes the more dangerous because of the mechanical way in which propaganda can be disseminated.”  Haven’t we seen this come to light, and more and more, as even the politicians talk about the “partisanship of Washington.”  The “Party” has become the public opinion poll, and media supports this.  No longer do we read news in newspapers, we read interpretations, based on political ideologies.  Former president Jimmy Carter recently called on the Democratic Party of the United States to lessen the importance of abortion on their platform, and emphasize it only in rare cases… a great first step.  But, we see on both sides that ideology of the party is exclusive.  If you’re pro-abortion, you almost have to be a Democrat.  If you’re pro-2nd amendment, you almost have to be a Republican.  If you’re conservative, you have to watch Fox News; liberal you have to watch MSNBC.  Because of this, propaganda is flowing as freely as a geyser.  No longer are men able to take one idea, examine it on its own merit, and take a stand.  Politics has become about deciding truth, when truth is not determined by majority vote.

“It seeks to achieve its ends by extra-parliamentary means.”  How often do we see our politicians bring the case before the news media, instead of the body of Congress.  This has always happened, but today it is easier for it to occur than ever before.  The ability to say whatever you want, and move on, is readily available in this world of e-mail.

We must resist the mentality of sheep following blindly those leaders who we elect or are appointed over us.  We must form and examine our conscience in the public square.  We must do so from within the government, or there is no point in having a government.  The Church is not there to tell the government how to govern, although it does plead for its freedom, it is up to the laity to go forth carrying the banner of Christ into the public square and stand up for Holy Mother Church, and just as importantly, our fellow man!

Fulton Sheen, Pray for us.

St. Thomas More, Pray for us.

Our Lady, Immaculately Conceived, patroness of our Nation, pray for us.



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