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John Carter

I randomly decided to drive an hour to see the “early bird” showing of John Carter, and was not disappointed.

John Carter is a Confederate cavalryman who goes to Mars and takes part in the epic battle for that planet.  It’s a love story, an action story, and a good time for those looking for a movie with great special effects and an easy movie to watch.

I feel that the evolution of John Carter’s character is one of the best parts of the movie, other than the beautiful Dejah Thoris, and is inspiring.  John Carter is a hero from (almost) the beginning, whether he wants to be or not, it is in his blood.  It is the calling of all men to stand up, discover truth, and then fight for it with all our might.  He is an inspirational character to have in the theater, and harkens back to the Christian hero of old.

If you don’t like fantasy or sci-fi, you may not love this movie.  If you love action movies, you might, there are quite a few battle and fight scenes (not very bloody, though, to my memory).  I laughed a lot during this movie, and got attached to the characters.  The plot is outlandish, but if you go into it expecting a movie about a guy going to Mars to fight in a civil war… well, I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed!

The PG-13 movie was rated A-II (adults and adolescents) by the USCCB’s raters.


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