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October Baby

October Baby is the only movie that I have ever seen where the effects of Abortion are the direct motive of the movie.  Juno had a little bit about pregnancy and choices, and there have been others that take the other perspective of trying to get pregnant, but this movie is unique.

To be fair, this movie deals with the survivors of abortion; the child within and the mother.  I am not able to do the subject justice, but I will try.

Be prepared, above all else, for an emotional roller coaster.  The script is so well written that I felt myself rolling from one emotional high to another, with the play between agony for the characters, laughter with them, and longing in all of it being masterfully done.  With a few exceptions, the script was constantly focused, but not “preachy.”  I am sure that some people who feel that abortion is “good” will feel this is a horrible movie, but the movie speaks mostly to the emotional nature of abortions, including the struggle that women and men go through to make those decisions.  If you were to watch this movie without a political agenda, I think that you would find that it is a powerful story.

“Every life is beautiful,” is a motto that we should all carry on our hearts and lips.  This does not mean, as Catholics are accused, that we only care about until birth, it means we rejoice in the life of everyone we meet!  Sometimes this is the hardest thing ever, we all know people who seem to WANT us to hate them, as if it’s their life’s goal.  (Doesn’t that make us feel important when we are the sole reason for someone existing? I try to keep that in mind! 🙂 ) If we can not love our neighbors, much less our enemies, how are we to truly love everyone.  We must reach out to the mother with her child, the father struggling with decisions, yes! But, we must also reach out to all of humanity with the same love.

I pray always that abortion will no longer exist and that Love will overtake all the world; until then, this movie opens up an opportunity to reflect and have conversations with others.

The PG-13 movie is rated A-II (adults and adolescents) by the USCCB’s raters.

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