Our Lady and Sheen

The worst sinner I know

I was listening to the Busted Halo Show on the Catholic Channel (Sirius/XM 129) last evening, after having listened to our Bishop speak on some issues in a local parish.  Fr. Dave mentioned a pet peeve of his being when people respond to the prayers of the faithful with “Lord, hear our prayer*S*,” this is also distracting to me, so I called in to thank him for expressing something I had always bit my tongue about.  I have been accused, and accuse myself now, of being too critical about things, especially liturgical.  I usually do it out of a desire for perfection, which isn’t a bad thing, but it sometimes can be the enemy of the good.  During my discussion on air Fr. Dave helped me go deeper into looking at this, and I came to the revelation that I know so much because it is an interest of mine, but at some point knowing the technical aspects of something has to be integrated into the Life of Christ… especially Charity.  Sometimes people use “false” charity, allowing people to “get away with things,” and that’s not what I mean.  I mean to live so deeply in Christ that I am able to abandon my wants and desires to Him.

Only once before a couple weeks ago had I thought that I was being “critical,” and even after a particularly harsh rebuke, I think part of my apparent lack of Charity comes from my inability to express myself, even though I want only the best for everyone involved.  That being said, this is a large part of my next few journeys towards the Lord, and if you will pray for me to have the gift of Wisdom more abundantly (or, let’s be honest, at all sometimes), I would be greatly appreciative.

How wonderful it is to be reminded of our deepest desires.  Especially when I only called in so that the call screener could pass along my fake enthusiastic “thanks” to Fr. Dave.  God works in mysterious ways?  I think so.

Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, Pray for us.

Archbishop Sheen, Pray for us.


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