Our Lady and Sheen

The Way

I recently watched “The Way” produced and directed by Emilio Estevez, starring his father, Martin Sheen.  This movie is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

This is a movie about a father and a son, Tom (Martin Sheen) and his son Daniel (Emilio Estevez), even though there are only two scenes (maybe 3) in which they are both acting at the same time.  The movie is a powerful demonstration of the life-changing power of love.   Because of the setting, “The Way,” or the path to Santiago de Compostela, the tomb of Saint James, one may think that this will be a deeply theological expose, it is not.  This movie, to me, falls under the genre of “Catholic Life,” if anything.  The pilgrimage in this movie is a way to connect a father with his deceased son, and it is beautifully done.  Martin Sheen acts superbly, and there is a good deal of drama.

The only real issue that I have with this movie, especially since it has been portrayed as a very Catholic movie, is the idea of the disposal of cremated remains through scattering.  Cremation is allowed by the Church, but the remains must then be entombed or buried in sacred ground.

There is also an emotional dealing with abortion and domestic violence, some casual drug use, and one scene of brief rear nudity.  The PG-13 movie is rated A-III (adults) by the USCCB’s raters.


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