Our Lady and Sheen

Dichotomy of man

I’ve been reading Theophilos by Michael D. O’Brien, and I have discovered some very insightful themes and passages. While Theophilos, of Gospel of Luke fame, is examining Christianity. One of the women, Reut gives a discourse on the Passion, death, and Resurrection of our Lord, finishing with the Easter message:

All men hate the pain of their sins but love the pleasure of their sins. This is our bondage and our test. The door is before you, Theophilos father of Loukas. In former times it was closed and locked. Now it stands open before all.

How true it is that we love the pleasure of sin. How true it is that we hate the pain of sins. Why else would we continue to do wrong? Why else would we try to pass the blame for those sins? The guilt that covers our soul when we’ve sinned, and sometimes physical pain, is unbearable. We run from it, sometimes we run to the cross, often we run deeper into the dark to escape the Light which is showing us our flaws. We descend deeper and deeper into the cavern of sin, and as we go farther and farther from the Light we tell ourselves that we feel better. But, do we feel better? No, we stop feeling at all.

As we leave the Life giving Light, the warmth of the embrace of He who Loves us with a fiery passion, our heart grows colder, and colder, until finally it feels nothing at all. I know that some of you (if there are any readers at all) scoff at this and think it untrue. I can’t tell you what to think or believe. I speak for myself only when I say that I see myself seek out more false pleasure the farther I go away from God. At some points in my life, I have been completely and dismally lost, and more importantly afraid. I know that I did not love anyone when I was down. Yes, I had fun with friends; yes, I thought I was doing what I wanted. But inside I hated almost everyone and everything, and I hated myself most of all.

Now, when I somehow muster the strength to defend myself from sin, I truly rejoice that God has provided for me the test. When I fail, I usually am not as happy for the test. I don’t know what else my life will bring, but I hope that I become stronger in the Lord and weaker in myself, so that I can surpass the tests and remain true to Him who remains true to me, and to you.

God love you!

Archbishop Sheen, pray for us.



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