Our Lady and Sheen

I like my women like I like my… (Part 4)

This might be the last installment of this little playful posting, because I’m not nearly as smart as other people when it comes to the Mass.  If people contact me with other ideas that Mass could be like a woman, I might be able to comment further.

4. Sacrificial

Do I think my “type” of woman is sacrificial… I don’t know.  On one level, I want her to be, and on another level I want her never to suffer any sacrifice and for me to sacrifice instead.  But… love is sacrificial.  I want the woman for me to love me, and in doing so, sacrifice is required, as I want to love her.

I feel, that the bible offers two types of sacrificial love in Ephesians 5:21-25, the first being submission, or subordination “to one another,” and also wives to their husbands.  That’s probably the hardest sacrifice I can imagine.  It is almost easier to follow the husband’s specific instructions: “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church and handed himself over for her.”  Dying for someone, in my mind is easier than dying to someone.

Let us also remember that “being submissive” is not a bad thing.  “Sub” means under; “missive” is a letter that acts as a “battle plan.”  Or submission, under the same “mission.”  The mission of the family is to get to heaven.  If the wife is under the same mission as her husband, and they are under the same mission for each other, and the man is sacrificing his life for his bride as part of his mission… aren’t we all on the same mission?  This aside is just to say that Ephesians 5 shouldn’t be taken as demeaning, it needs to be taken in it’s whole context.

So, do I want a woman who is sacrificial? Yes, but I don’t like it on a superficial level.  But, in true love, we will grow strong together and reach our goal of heaven, and that requires us to take up our Cross and follow the Master.

We are therefore present at each and every Mass under the
appearance of bread and wine, which stand as symbols of our body
and blood. We are not passive spectators as we might be watching a
spectacle in a theater, but we are co-offering our Mass with
Christ. If any picture adequately describes our role in this drama
it is this: There is a great cross before us on which is stretched
the great Host, Christ. Round about the hill of Calvary are our
small crosses on which we, the small hosts, are to be offered.
When our Lord goes to His Cross we go to our little crosses, and
offer ourselves in union with Him, as a clean oblation to the
heavenly Father.

At that moment we literally fulfill to the smallest detail the
Saviour’s command:

Take up your cross daily and follow Me. In doing so, He is not
asking us to do anything He has not already done Himself. Nor is
it any excuse to say: “I am a poor unworthy host.” So was the
thief.  – Archbishop Sheen, Calvary and the Mass II, The Offeratory

St. Raphael, pray for us.

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