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Disney’s Chimpanzee (possible spoilers)

Disney’s nature documentary Chimpanzee was not entirely what I was expecting.  I was expecting the hordes of children, but there were a few things that were surprises.

Chimpanzees are not as cute as I thought they’d be.  Yes, they are pretty cute, but more on the scale of puppy-dog cute.  I was expecting cute beyond all belief.

Disney really, really wants to believe that chimpanzees are human beings.  “Scar’s men,” and other comments are a little over the top.  I don’t know if this is from an intentional point of view to denigrate the dignity of man, a way to keep kids interesting, or just a false philosophical buy-in.

The film was masterfully done in the graphics department.  I was impressed by the quality of camera work (for the most part), and I really felt like I was in the rain forest.  Also, Tim Allen did a great job narrating the documentary.

In the end, I’m glad this movie was only one hour and 18 minutes long.  That was about 10 minutes longer than I thought I could handle it, but I survived.  I’m also glad that it wasn’t any shorter, because then I would have felt silly paying for a movie.

Oh!  One more thing, parents, you may have to be ready to talk about death.  And also, CNS’s movie review seems to agree with me, but they use better words like “anthropomorphizing,” I feel smarter now!

Chimpanzee, rated G, is rated A-I (General patronage) by the USCCB, because of brief animal violence.

Final note, I think children would like this movie,

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