Our Lady and Sheen

In Soft Garments by (Rev. Fr.) Ronald Knox

In Soft Garments is the written record of a series of lectures preached at Oxford by Father Knox.  Before you stop reading there, do not fear, these are not boring.  There is exciting material throughout the sermons given by Father Knox.  Because these sermons were given to students in college, (as a monk I would know would say, “when college students were college students”) they are on a level that most adults in our country should comprehend, even though the English from across the pond and 75 years ago is a little more stylistic than our current palate, it’s a very easy read.

Fr. Knox handles his subjects with a clarity and depth that are not often seen in these days.  The brevity in which he handles even the most complex subjects helps the reader to move through the lectures.  He also provided me with a lot of facts that made me want to do more research.  The most fascinating idea that he brought up was the Bishop of Little Rock’s role in the First Vatican Council; I was stunned that a bishop so close to home was so controversial!

Not every lecture is simple, but I have confidence that most men and women could read, understand, and grow from this book.  If you’ve never read anything deeply theological, this is a good starting point because it is the spoken word on paper, which means the number of hard words is fewer!


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