Our Lady and Sheen

Letters on a wall in Africa

Two nights ago I went to dinner with an old high school friend and her husband.  It was a great time, and was really helpful.  I found myself writing letters to her once a week (mostly) when I started my last job.  She was in Africa doing very important (and fulfilling) Peace Corps work, and I was new to my small Louisiana town, and hadn’t really met anyone.  I only got a few letters from her, but I enjoyed them, I knew she was busy, and probably just humoring me.  At dinner she mentioned that she enjoyed receiving them (the first time she’d referenced them in 4 years), and that she especially liked the ones with pictures, and that she had posted some on her wall.  It felt really, really good to be appreciated enough that my letters made it to her wall!  Oh the poor Facebook generation… they won’t get it.

So, after I got done with the, “How could my life have been different? Have I wasted my life?  If I’m lucky, I’m only 1/3 of the way through life,” thoughts, I got to thinking.  Isn’t that kind of how we are with God?  We pray and pray and pray, and sometimes, maybe, we get an answer.  Perhaps God is like my friend.  Perhaps God enjoys putting my prayers up on his wall, and knowing how much I love and appreciate him.  Maybe he basks in the glory of my well-crafted prayers?  Maybe that’s all and I should feel really good about it, that, you know, He’s busy with so many other things in the entire universe, but also likes that I thought about Him?  Yeah… I don’t know about that one…

Or… maybe, just maybe, we’re my friend.  Maybe God is writing us letters ever moment of every day, and sometimes we remember to write back?  Will God, in his great and endless power, look at us who occasionally tack some mementos up on the wall and think that we’re great?  Maybe.  He knows we’re Human.  But how much more would He like us to write him more, to show our love more, and to go on writing?  Probably a lot.  How much greater of a relationship is there when people give all they can.  God has given us all He can… can we say the same?

Our Lady, Conceived without sin, Pray for Us.


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