Our Lady and Sheen

My Birthday

O God, I thank you for giving me another year of life. I thank you for all the people who have remembered me today, and who have sent me cards and letters, good wishes and presents.

I thank you for everything which I have been enabled by you to do and be in the past year. I thank you for all the experiences of the past year – for times of success which will always be happy memories; for times of failure which remind me of my own weakness and of my need of you; for times of joy when the sun was shining; for times of sorrow which drove me to you. Amen

Please pray for me!


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A Hymn for Christ the King

O Lord! Thou art the King of kings!
O God! Thou art the Lord of lords!
Give me strength today, Jesus,
To overcome the evil hordes.

O Lord! I cry to Thee upon Thy throne,
Who sits in splendor day and night!
Give to Thy servant blessed Grace,
Under Thy banner once more to fight!

O King, in glorious raiment ruling!
O Lord, with standards ever raised, unfurled!
Call again to men once fallen,
Fight for Thy Glory within this world!

O King, the Child of Mary, given!
On Earth, Thy Kingdom shrouded still!
Thy Church within the world is working,
To show to men and beast Thy Holy Will!

Praise ever be to God the Father, living!
To Christ the King and to the Holy Ghost!
We below, Thy servants e’er longing,
To join above the ranks of Thy host!

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Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine

I was in the car going down US 71 from Fayetteville, AR to Fort Smith when I had to turn around. In the middle of no where, with a beautiful view of the valley to my left, I had seen a sign: “Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine.” I thought.. “what?!” But there it was, in the middle of the Bible Belt on a road forgotten because of I-540: Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine. It was Catholic, with some parishioners standing outside, and even a younger family or two inside. Absolutely incredible. Searching for this devotion to Our Lady I could only find a school, another parish, and the Shrine: but no other information! How weird in the world of the Internet!

Anyone care to help me out? The statue in front of the church says: “Our Lady of the Ozarks. Virgin of the smile.” (Or maybe Our Lady of Ozark)

Our Lady of the Ozarks, pray for us!
Venerable Archbishop Sheen, in love with the Blessed Virgin, pray for us.




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Book review: The Philosophy of Tolkien by Peter Kreeft

Peter Kreeft has blown my mind with his book on Philosophy within Tolkien’s works and personal letters. For someone who is not well versed in the terminology of philosophy, this book served to be both a fabulous (and understandable) explanation of what philosophy is, and a deep dwelling on how philosophy impacts the world.

The way that Kreeft highlights certain aspects of the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Similarion, blew me away. I could not put my finger on what drew me deeper into those books until the deeper meanings were laid out for me. The book has inspired me to delve deeper into Tolkien’s works, and also the film adaptations of those works.

I would recommend this book to anybody who would like to know about philosophy OR would like to know more about Tolkien’s world. I also recommend this book as an academic meditation on the Life of Christ.

Spoiler alert: Tolkien was a Catholic and the Lord of the Rings is a Catholic book (even though it is not an allegory).

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