Our Lady and Sheen

Chesterton and Sheen on Jesus as just a “good man”

Many people state that they like Jesus because “he was a good man.” This gets them off the hook, in their mind, of acknowledging that no single man has affected the world so much as Christ. Sheen writes:

Good men do not lie. But if Christ was not all that He said He was, namely, the Son of the living God, the Word of God in the flesh, then He was not “just a good man”; then He was a knave, a liar, a charlatan and the greatest deceiver who ever lived. If He was not what He said He was, the Christ, the Son of God, He was the anti-Christ! If He was only a man, then He was not even a “good” man.
But He was not only a man. He would have us either worship Him or despise Him – despise Him as a mere man, or worship Him as true God and true man. That is the alternative He presents. (Go To Heaven, p 37-38)

Perhaps we are entering a time when men despise him more and more because of this choice. Perhaps it is the same spirit that lead to His crucifixion.

Venerable Sheen goes on to quote G. K. Chesterton, “Expect the grass to wither and the birds to drop dead out of the air, when a strolling carpenter’s apprentice says calmly and almost carelessly, like one looking over his shoulder: ‘Before Abraham was, I am.’ ” (p 39) I love the way Chesterton phrases things!

Lord our God, help us to love you more, then do with us as You will.


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