Our Lady and Sheen

Sheen on Christ and modernity (and antiquity)

In Venerable Sheen’s book, “Go To Heaven,” there is a passage that I think is very relevant for today. In describing the Beatitudes, Sheen gets into the nitty gritty of the statements Our Lord is making. After saying “You have heard,” and then we here the rest of God’s command of true LOVE. As Sheen writes, and we all need to consider if we are called to the vocation of marriage:

Christ affirmed that when a man married a woman, he married both her body and her soul; he married the whole person. If he got tired of the body, he might not thrust her body away for another, since he was still responsible for her soul. So He thundered, “You have heard.” In that expression He summarized the jargon of every decaying civilization [take heed]. “You have heard, ‘Get a divorce; God does not expect you to live without happiness'”; then came the “But.” “But I tell you that the man who puts away his wife makes an adulteress of her, and whoever marries her after she has been put away, commits adultery” (Matthew 5:32).
What matters if the body is lost? The soul is still there and that is worth more than the thrill a body can give, more even than the universe itself. He would keep men and women pure, not from contagion, but from desire of another; to imagine betrayal is in itself a betrayal. So He declared: “What God has joined, let not man put asunder” (Mark 10:9).
No man! No judge! No nation! (Go To Heaven, p 43-44)

Let us join together with those in the world praying for the union of souls with each other and with God, the strengthening of marriage, and the desire to love as God has Loved. Let us image the love of the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph her most chaste spouse.

Saint Valentine, Pray for us.


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