Our Lady and Sheen

“If there were no Cross, there would have been no crib”

I would highly recommend “Go To Heaven” by Archbishop Ven. Fulton Sheen. His deep philosophy on all matters has always impressed me, even before I pretended to grasp what philosophy was.

Sheen writes about the idea that we have that the Cross was the humiliation of Christ, and reverses it. We look at most of the “great” teachers, and death interrupts their teaching, but Sheen points out that the Cross is the fulfillment of the teaching of Christ (along with His resurrection). In his great poetic nature, Venerable Sheen writes:

If there were no Cross, there would have been no crib; if there had been no nails, there would have been no straw. But He could not teach the lesson of the Cross as payment for sin; He had to take it. God the Father did not spare His Son – so much did He love mankind. That was the secret wrapped in swaddling bands.

How much more “humiliating” is it that God would take human nature unto himself, from the secular perspective. What CEO takes out the garbage from his office? What car salesman gets under the hood and helps out a potential customer instead of seeing a sale? Only a great CEO or salesman. How much more, then, is it that God would condescend Himself to enter our lowly form. The Cross is the culmination of that, for we are not yet so perfect as to truly sacrifice ourselves. There is always something that prevents us from being perfect, even if it is thinking that we’re perfect.

From the perspective of faith, God can not lower Himself into humanity, so to speak, rather, “What happened was not so much the conversion of the Godhead into flesh, as the taking of a manhood into God.” (p. 40) How incredible is that idea. I could spend 15 seconds or 15,000 years trying to wrap my head around the mystery of the Incarnation, and be no closer to true understanding. But, I pray that as we approach the Cross, in Lent and daily, that God gives me a deeper fulfilment in the idea that humanity has been once lifted up, and offers us Hope for our future homeland.

Our Lady, Mother of Sorrows, Pray for Us.


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