Our Lady and Sheen

HHS Mandate and the past

As I was reading “Go To Heaven” by Venerable Sheen I was brought back to the modern controversy over the HHS Mandate.

In relation to people of different faiths, Sheen says there is more in common between them, “than there is between the true Christian and the average so-called Christian person you are apt to meet at a night club, or even at the table in your neighbor’s house.” So the relationship between men and women of faith in the true God or even a “higher power” brings more fruitful dialogue and agreement than between a true Christian and the person who says they’re Christian (or Muslim, or Jewish) but worship the state or science or the environment instead. As sheen states, “A striking confirmation of this is that in the face of anti-God crusades of Russia, Christians, Jews, and Moslems presented a common front.”

The new, updated sentence could say, “A striking confirmation of this is that in the face of the anti-Religious freedom crusade of the government, Christians, Jews, and Muslims presented a common front.” Catholics must continue to stand our ground for Holy Mother Church.


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