Our Lady and Sheen

Speed Blogging “Go To Heaven” by Fulton Sheen (Part 1)

I desperately wanted to type up masterpiece reflections on Archbishop Sheen’s book, “Go To Heaven,” but I have more post-its than I do time now. Maybe one day I can put together all of my thoughts again, but for now, I will share just Venerable Sheen’s spiritual banquet.

The greater the sinlessness, the greater the sense of the responsibility and awareness of corporate guilt. The truly good man feels the world is the way it is because in some way he has not been better. The keener the moral sensitiveness, the greaater is the compassion for those languishing under a burden. This can become so deep that the other person’s agony is directly felt as one’s own/ The only person in the world who had eyes to see would want to be a staff to the blind; the only person in the world who was healthy would want to minister to the sick. (p. 48)

If only my problem could be that I felt more responsible for my brothers and sisters, than trying to explain away my guilt.

Grace makes man more than a “new creature,” and infinitely higher than his former condition, than an animal would be if it spoke with the wisdom of Socrates. There is nothing in all creation like that gift by which God calls man a son, and man calls God “Father.” … The distance whcih seperates some minerals from the vegetable kingdom may be only a hair’s breadth – but the distance whcih separates human life and divine life is infinite. (p.54)

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