Our Lady and Sheen

Speed blogging “Go To Heaven” by Fulton Sheen (Part 2)

Continuing my “speed blog” of quotes from “Go To Heaven” by Fulton Sheen.

What elements are necessary for our physical life? Are there not five for the individual physical life and two for our social life? As individuals, first we must be born; second we must grow; third, we must nourish ourselves; fourth, we must heal our wounds; and fifth, drive out all traces of infirmity and disease. As social beings, first, we must have order and government; and second, we must pass on our life to posterity. These seven elements are required in the spiritual order and the seven make up the seven Sacraments. First, we must be born: that is Baptism; second, we must grow spiritually and reach the stage of Christian virility: that is Confirmation; third, we must nourish our souls on the Bread of Life: that is the Eucharist; fourth we must bind up our spiritual wounds: that is Penance; fifth, we must root out all traces of spiritual infirmities: that is Extreme Unction. But we are also social beings. We need government and a source of unity and the priesthood: that is Holy Orders. We need to continue the existence of the race: that is Matrimony.
Thus the spiritual life is a perfection of the physical life and the seven sacraments instituted by Christ are so many channels of the divine life whose reservoir is Calvary. (p. 59-60)

At this point a lesser man than Venerable Sheen might have, as the kids say, drop the mic and step off stage.

If the plant gould speak it would say to the mineral: “Unless you are born again, you cannot enter into my kingdom.” If the animal could speak it would say to the plants and the minerals: “Unless you are born again, you cannot enter into my kingdom.” These elevations bear a remote and imperfect analogy to our own life. Yet Christ can speak for He is the Word; He can say to man, “Unless a man be born again of watyer and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.” And that being “born again” is Baptism. (p. 59)

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