Our Lady and Sheen

Why do those content on rationalism not see God?

We see these “great” modern thinkers, philosophers and scientists rebuke the notion of a higher powere, or even worse, God Almighty. Venerable Fulton Sheen wrote about this in relation to our society, in the book I’ve been using for the last… lots of posts… “Go To Heaven.” I hate to be bland, and I hope to add more source material eventually, but sometimes you do not wish to give up a beautiful steak until its done, even when the next course is cheesecake. (Apparently Lent makes me hungry.)

It is possible for a human being to live on one of three levels. The first level is the subhuman, or the animal, in which a man is content to live only for his body… MAn can also live on a second, or higher, level, the rational; here he will pursue a good pagan life and will defend the natural virtues, but without great enthusiasm…For high above these two levels there is a third, which is the divine level; in this, man, thanks to the grace of God, is elevated to the supernatural order and is made a child of God.

These threel levels might be compared to a three-story house: the first floor is hardly furnished at all; the second has some comforts; but the third is orderly, luxurious and full of peace. And individual who lives for purely animal pleasures will take as sheer nonsense the suggestion that there is a level of reason above the first floor, where he lives according to his lusts. And to suggest to those who live on the second floor of reason that there is still a floor above, where peace of mind becomes peace of soul, is to invite them to ridicule the supernatural order.


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