Our Lady and Sheen

Refutation of Sola Scriptura

Our Protestant friends, in whatever reinvention they prefer to call themselves (non-denom, Christ-followers,etc), generally teach Sola Fides (by faith alone, are they saved) and Sola Scriptura (Only the scriptures “count”). For the Catholic receiving the fullness of faith from the hands of the Apostles, passed down from age to age, it is hard for us to have conversations about where we get Christ’s teachings. We must look first at the fact that our God is a God of the Living, not a God of the dead. Here we generally enter into other arguments regarding the Saints, but let me stay focused for just a little bit.

Despite the obvious statement in John 21:25, how can we help spread the good news of the Gospel if we’re confined to “just” a book. That being said, the “just” a book being Divinely Inspired, WOULD be enough, if we were not offered something greater.

Do you really believe that this divine Truth [Christ, Our Lord] would come to this earth, speak a few words, and allow them to be wafted away by a Galilean breeze. It is absurd to believe that He Who wrote only once in His life, AND THAT WAS IN THE SANDS, and Who never told anyone to write, should have intended that His truth should be available only and exclusively in a few memoranda that were written down by a few followers over twenty years after His death, and were never gathered together in their approved form until three centuries later? Grant that they are inspired and revealed, and I believe it and confess it and read those writings daily; but I still say it is unthinkable that these books which were not written until His Mystical Body was already spread throughout the whole Roman Empire, should be His only way of communicating truth… Come, oh Christ, not with a dead truth, but with a living, breathing, speaking truth which is the truth of God to lead the world from darkness into the light. Come with it, even though Thou hast to use human nature to communicate it now as Thou didn’t then. (Go To Heaven, Archbishop Sheen p. 88-89)

That being said, we have one of two responses. The first: we each should interpret Jesus in our own time and place, and however we feel like it. The second: we should have the Authority given by Christ, the King of the Universe, to His apostles, who taught and teach and have passed on the knowledge of Christ in unbroken line from the time of Pentecost.

While on that subject, let us pray for Benedict, our Pope.


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