Our Lady and Sheen

The Pope’s final audience

1. I enjoy that the woman said, “hey look, the pope mobile… Or in Italian papa mobilé.”

2. It’s wonderful to see so many people there!

3. I love that the Pope still blessed a baby.

4. Huge banner: “You are Peter and we young people love you.”

5. Even more blessing of babies!

6. The announcer really likes saying papa mobilé.

7. What an ingenious idea that we’d start an international meeting in Latin.

8. The Eastern Bishops look warmer than all the others. But I like all the sunglasses.

9. “I see a church that is alive.” – Pope Benedict XVI

10. “The weight on my shoulders is very great, but if you ask me I will let down the nets.”

11. “But I always knew it was the Lords boat.”

12. “People do not write to me as a prince or someone they do not know,” but as a family. Wow! Just wow!

13. “I am not abandoning the cross, I remain in a new way at the foot of the crucified Lord.”

14. Wow! That crowd!

15. I’m glad that papal blessings can go out through the radio and television. What a great joy!

16. “Thank you, Holy Father.”

17. “Ask each of you to pray for me and for the new Pope.”

18. I love all the Bavarian flags! And also this German Monsignor is cool! Yay Bavarian bands!

19. 150,000 present! And I believe it, or more!

20. I wonder if they are using two different words, or if the translator just wants to have variety of “ship” and “boat.” It reminds me that the ship of Peter is a battleship not a cruise ship, as the wise bishop stated a couple weeks ago.

21. Arabic greeting? I hope there are thousands of Arab pilgrims in the crowd right now! What a wonderful Church we have. I really wish there was a translation! C’mon Vatican radio.

22. Today I start to learn Polish. It promised me I would be able to speak it in 10 days… So next pope I can understand this part of the audience.

23. Wow, the Czech president is leading a pilgrimage to Rome?! Are you kidding me?! Awesome!

24. “I expect a very loud cheer from the Italians in St. Peter’s.” yeah….. Probably!

25. What a great voice the Holy Father sings in!


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