Our Lady and Sheen

Benedict the Humble

Upon his retirement, I believe that His Holiness Benedict, is affecting the world greatly. I feel that the combination of the intense intellect and piety that he has, with the time to pray in seclusion will do many good things. I beg the intercession of St. Therese for the grace that Benedict needs or desires to affect the world even more profoundly from behind a veil.

Why cannot the real lovers of souls, who refuse to be emancipated from sorrow, do for the world what Jesus did on the cross and Mary did beneath it? The answer to this question has filled the cloisters.
No one on earth can measure the good these divine lovers are doing for the world. How often have they stayed the wrath of a righteous God! How many sinners have they brought to the confessional! How many deathbed conversions have they effected! How many persecutions have they averted!
We do not know, and they do not want to know, so long as love wins over hate. But let us not be foolish and ask: What good do they do for the world? We might as well ask: What good did the Cross do? (Fulton Sheen, “Go To Heaven,” p. 210)

What do I know? I am neither humble nor pius. I only hope to have an example that I can follow as I mature in my faith.

Blessed John Paul, the Great, pray for us!
Venerable Fulton Sheen, pray for us!
St. Therese, of the Little Flower, pray for us!
Our Lady, Humble of Heart, pray for us!

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