Our Lady and Sheen

Christ present in the World

Soemtimes I forget that Christ is present all around me. I forget mainly because I am still working on my virtue, and I have a long way to go in accepting the Grace of God in my life. Every once in a while, I find something that helps me realize something small, that is a good stepping stone. The other night in adoration, I realized I had to see Christ in those who were angry with me, or hated me, because Christ is in them as the sun is reflected by the moon. Maybe some of us are large commets, like His Holiness Benedict the Humble, Pope emeritus. Maybe some of us are barely visable commets, or are too far from the Grace of the Son to reflect it. And then there is Mary, the Moon… how beautiful.

Other ways that we can see Our Lord, are laid out in “Go To Heaven” by Ven. Fulton Sheen:

A dying man in a country region of France, unable to receive the Eucharist, asked that a poor person be brought to him so that he might at least have Christ in a lesser way. The woman with the child may sometimes be unable to receive Holy Communion, but she can, with an act of faith, see that she already is bearing a lesser host within the tabernacle of her body. (p. 147)

How absolutely incredible, “She is already bearing a lesser host within the tabernacle of her body”! I cannot fathom! Doesn’t that bring the pro-life movement into a different picture altogether!

Venerable Sheen, Pray for us!
Our Lady, Mother of God, Pray for us!


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