Our Lady and Sheen

Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist

Over at Creative Minority Report they have this posting… it is amazing! I’m glad someone was there to film it!


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His Holiness Francis and His All Holiness Bartholomew I

His Holiness Francis, shared the kiss of peace with the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and His Holiness Catholicos Karekin II. I am hopeful. It’s naive of the world for me to think, overnight, 1000 years will be undone, but I hope and pray.

Also, it’s weird for me to type, “His All Holiness,” but out of respect, there it is.

Also the photo was from the broadcast, I think it was from the Vatican.

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Seven Sundays of St. Joseph

I feel sad that I did not know about the Seven Sundays of Saint Joseph until now.

This tradition meditates on St. Joseph for the seven weeks before his feast day, today.

In “In Conversation With God” volume 6, part of the meditation for the Seventh Sunday of St. Joseph is by Josemaría Escrivá:

I am sure Joseph knew how to lend a hand in many difficulties… His skilled work was in the service of others, to brighten the live of others in the town; and with a friendly word, a passing quip, he would restore confidence and happiness to those in danger of losing them. (P. 166 quoting Christ is passing by, 51)

How hard it is to remember that sometimes we’re the only thing in the flesh that is keeping someone from having a great day… Or perhaps we’re the one who can say that word that gives them hope. Go, confidently making friends! You may be the only time they can experience Christ!

You may be someone’s only physical connection to Our Lord!

You may be someone’s only chance of knowing the Gospel!

You may be someone’s only chance at having love on this earth, and so foreshadow the love of the Father!

Go! Go! Go boldly! Go lovingly! Go with St. Joseph!

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Homilies, teachings, and Christ

“Certainly Jesus conferred power upon St Peter…”

I couldn’t type fast enough… But those in power have the obligation of service in Love, like St. Joseph

“We need to be men and women who bring Hope to others!”

Thus far, in his pontificate, I’m very impressed with his teachings. I like the word “Pope,” but I get a lot out of his simple teachings. I was no where near the level of H.H. Benedict XVI. I liked the challenge, though!

How great is our One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church! Three shepherds of the Church in my life: three styles, one True faith transcending those individual differences. Three shepherds… One flock. Three Popes… One Holy Ghost! Three vicars… One Christ!

Long live Christ the King!

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First Reading and Response

I was looking through the booklet for the translation of the first reading… Then the man read it in English. Sounded northern American.

Also, that cantor is the youngest person I’ve ever seen participating at a Mass! How cool for him for the rest of his life… Maybe a future pope!

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