Our Lady and Sheen

Love as a message, in the veil

That love is a messenger is told in the veil which a woman wears on her wedding day. The veil is not, even the Moslems [sic], to make woman ineffective, nor to hide her personality; rather, the veil among all people’s is a symbol of the invisible. It is a sign that all has not been disclosed, that there are mysteries not yet sounded, treasure not yet discovered.

First, I often forget that the veil that women sometimes where to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is often strenuously objected to, is very readily worn on the wedding day. The woman on the wedding day, at least in the United States, knows that her fiancé knows what she looks like. In modern cultural norms we almost all know mostly about the bodies of a great number of men and women. But, she still wears a veil. I don’t know, as a man, if I can understand all the ramifications behind the woman’s wedding veil, but how happy most are when their fathers walk them down an isle and lift the veil so that her husband to be sees her for the first time in 12 hours. I know that some will say its an ancient tradition from when women were property, and I won’t address that, because I can’t speak properly, and it’s beside my point.

When the woman wears a veil to Mass then, it is much like the wedding day, which it should be to us all. We are receiving the Bridegroom fully at the banquet of Our Lord, a preview of the great feast in Heaven. So, God who also knows the woman, more than her husband ever could, is present at the Mass, and what a joy it should be to veil oneself to contain that special joy between her and God, making it that much more intimate.

Next, since I’ve read a thesis on woman’s modesty of dress, I have noticed how much clothing(both men’s and women’s) affects me. While I have been here, in my hometown, I find that the majority of people dress modestly. Sunday, when I went to Fort Myers to watch the Pirates spring training game, I noticed how provocatively some were dressed. In my masculine nature, I noticed the women more than the men, of course. They were all beautifully made, but I found myself strongly fighting myself to remember that they were creatures of the highest dignity in the created order, because of Christ’s taking on our form. How much I wanted to reassure these women that they could be valued for more than their flesh. And yet, I can not judge the sou; these women may have been the holiest ever born and so I in my weakness as a man, or hopefully prudence, did nothing.

May the Lord have mercy on me if I have done wrong, and grant me the grace to do right in the future.

I make a final plea to all men and women. You are the children of God, priceless beyond the ages! You are more beautiful than any constellation, mountain, sea, or painting. Remember this always in your heart. Exterior “benchmarks” for beauty are pointless and lead to self hatred. Remember that you are loved from On Highh more greatly than any one on earth today could ever love you. If you are seeking love and attention, go to God.

Forgive me for any offense.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me, and on all!
Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.

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  1. As one of only a handful of women who wear a veil at my parish, I appreciate your post. Thank you.

    Comment by 8kidsandabusiness | March 19, 2013 | Reply

    • You’re welcome, I hope that I do not speak incorrectly, but only lovingly.

      Comment by Stephen | March 20, 2013 | Reply

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