Our Lady and Sheen

The Year of Our Lord 2017

AD 2016 was a tough year for a lot of people, and the change in date will hopefully allow us to change any negative ruts into which we’ve entered.

Come Holy Spirit, come!

A simple item that I am excited for this coming year is FlockNote releasing their Popes in a year, which will send an email Monday – Friday with short writings about all the popes.  You may sign up at this link: http://flocknote.com/popes

Naturally, today being the Feast of Mary, the Mother of God, we should not hesitate to call on her for her intercession this year.


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My old stomping grounds near Penn State

Fr. Z posted a letter here about the EF/TLM/Old Form of the Mass making a come back at Our Lady of Victory in State College PA.  I was told once that Joe Paterno would go to mass there so that he would not be a distraction to the student body for the Mass on Campus (significantly closer).

Also, I enjoy that it’s Our Lady of Victory, instead of the more recent (400 years ago) Our Lady of the Rosary.  There’s something cool about that.

Finally, I had a fantastic confession there once.

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For those looking to support Pope Francis on Facebook:

St. Peter’s List has 5 Facebook Cover Photos for His Holiness Francis. I assume that they want you to use them and are giving permission!

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Updated Topics: Pope Francis on Spiritual Warfare, Bishops and Pope, and something else

You can find updated topics of recent addresses/homilies/etc under the “Pope Francis Topics” at the top right of the blog.

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New Topic: Pope Francis on Ecumenism

I have made a new topic string https://ourladyandsheen.wordpress.com/pope-francis/pope-francis-on-ecumenism/ . Also these can be found in the top right corner under “Pope Francis Topics”

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The Ecumenical Patriarch and the Pope

It was amazing to see the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople addressing the Pope in Italian.  How crazy would this have been a few decades or centuries ago.

And then, I enjoy that His Holiness thanked his “brother, Andrew.”  Peter and Andrew together.

Oh Lord, that they may be One.

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New Topic: Pope Francis on Hope

I have made the new page: Pope Francis on Hope

The other topics can be found under the link in the top right of the screen “Pope Francis Topics”

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His Holiness Francis and leaders of the different back grounds

I was inspired to see that His Holiness had three private audiences today:

The president of Brazil, immediately after having met with the president of Argentina.  Who could imagine a better example of bridge building.

His Holiness Bartholomew I, Patriarch of Constantinople.  We saw their embrace at the kiss of peace yesturday.

Finally Metropolitan Hilarion from the Moscow Patriarchate.  Which I assume means that he was an official delegate from the Patriarch of Moscow… but I could also be wrong!

O Lord, Let there be Thy Holy Peace on earth.

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“Whatever is received is received according to the manner of the one receiving it.”

The quote above is from Sheen’s “Power of Love” from “philosophers of the Middle Ages.”. He goes on to say this means, “food laid on a rock is not received in the same manner as food laid on a tongue,” etc (14).

When we are able to Love, we see the beloved more beautifully than one who does not love. To the varying degrees in which we love, we are able to see more or less beauty; as someone who hates is not able to see the beauty at all, for the beauty becomes hateful.

Sheen writes, “The lover has a vision of beauty which is denied the one who hates. When love goes, often even the truly beautiful ceases to be beautiful. A husband who begins to love another woman will wonder why everyone else considers His wife so attractive,” then, “not only the eyes but also the heart can grow cataracts which distort vision, so that the beautiful may even seem ugly.”

How true is this story to us who have fallen into bitterness against someone, and can no longer see any good. I know I am guilty of allowing one grievance to hold me hostage against a thousand virtues of a man, and I am sorry for this sin.

Husbands, continue to love your wives as Christ loved the Church. In this way your wife will remain beautiful to you, even as we remain beautiful to Our Lord.

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Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist

Over at Creative Minority Report they have this posting… it is amazing! I’m glad someone was there to film it!

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