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The Ecumenical Patriarch and the Pope

It was amazing to see the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople addressing the Pope in Italian.  How crazy would this have been a few decades or centuries ago.

And then, I enjoy that His Holiness thanked his “brother, Andrew.”  Peter and Andrew together.

Oh Lord, that they may be One.


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New Topic: Pope Francis on Hope

I have made the new page: Pope Francis on Hope

The other topics can be found under the link in the top right of the screen “Pope Francis Topics”

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Homilies, teachings, and Christ

“Certainly Jesus conferred power upon St Peter…”

I couldn’t type fast enough… But those in power have the obligation of service in Love, like St. Joseph

“We need to be men and women who bring Hope to others!”

Thus far, in his pontificate, I’m very impressed with his teachings. I like the word “Pope,” but I get a lot out of his simple teachings. I was no where near the level of H.H. Benedict XVI. I liked the challenge, though!

How great is our One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church! Three shepherds of the Church in my life: three styles, one True faith transcending those individual differences. Three shepherds… One flock. Three Popes… One Holy Ghost! Three vicars… One Christ!

Long live Christ the King!

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First Reading and Response

I was looking through the booklet for the translation of the first reading… Then the man read it in English. Sounded northern American.

Also, that cantor is the youngest person I’ve ever seen participating at a Mass! How cool for him for the rest of his life… Maybe a future pope!

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His Holiness visits Cardinal in hospital

It would seem that His Holiness has a lot of energy, here is the Vatican release on the visiting of an ill cardinal.

Let us remember to continue to pray for our Pope, for he is in need of our prayers. May God preserve him on the Earth, and not offer him up to his enemies.

St. Joseph, Patron of the Church, pray for us!

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His Holiness Pope Francis

I am still recovering from the excitement of yesterday. I want to do everything in my humble power to spread the call for prayer for our new Soveriegn Pontiff.

Here are some ideas:

1. Pray the prayer:
V. Let us pray for our Sovereign Pontiff, Pope Francis.
R. The Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies.

2. Pray daily for the intentions of the Holy Father: 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, and 1 Glory Be.

3. Pray the Rosary (I debated whether I should remind people).

4. Pray the Franciscan Crown in honor of the name of His Holiness.

5. Pray the Litany of Jesuit Saints.

St. Joseph, patron of the Church, pray for us!

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

Venerable Fulton Sheen, loyal servant of God and the Pontiffs, pray for us!

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How to know the Pope first! And lots of great videos of the happy moment! (Reblog)

This made me cry watching the videos of the announciation of the Popes. It’s so moving, all the time:

Please go to Focus’s blog here to see tips and the videos! Espcially of John Paul II, it’s incredible.

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Popealarm.com ! Get a text when the Pope is elected!

You should all go to PopeAlarm.com and sign up for a text message when the white smoke rises! How exciting! Thank you to Focus!

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Challenge to deepen our fast!

Dear friends,

We’re at an impasse. If you would like a holy Vicar of Christ, pray for him! Unite mortification, prayer, and fasting for the intention of the Holy Church and the Cardinals as we are in this time of decision making. I know that it’s Lent and most of us have taken up something difficult to mortify our flesh, but can we not go just a little deeper until we here those joyous words of the Exultet or the Habemus Papem? Just a thought.

With all of my love and prayers,


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Great Article about birth control and society

Check it out: here

A snippet about Pope Pius VI in the article:

He warned of four results if the widespread use of contraceptives was accepted:

1. General lowering of moral standards
2. A rise in infidelity, and illegitimacy
3. The reduction of women to objects used to satisfy men.
4. Government coercion in reproductive matters.

I think that we can see areas where Humanae vitae was prophetic.


“Truth is not determined by majority vote.” His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (H.H. Pope Benedict XVI)

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