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American Papist: Coast-to-Coast Victories for Life

Thomas Peters, the American Papist, has posted a brief not on two pro-life victories this week.  Do not become complacent.


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Congratulations to University of Illinois

Dr. Ken has been offered a job.  All of those who prayed and petitioned, good work!  Here

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Congratulations to AmericanPapist

Congratulations Thomas Peters and the AmericanPapist Blog!

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More Eastern Christian News

This article, at the American Papist, is about Patriarch Kirill’s praise of the Pope.  I absolutely love the picture.  I love the Eastern Churches for their tradition within the Tradition.  I cannot wait until the entire Church is back together.

On a sidenote, Archbishop Sheen was bi-ritual, he celebrated both the Latin and Byzantine Rite.

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A new diocese and reflections on another

Thank you to the American Papist, Thomas Peters for always finding the bright spots in times where it is hard to find them check out the formation of a new diocese in Africa, here.

On the subject of the creation of dioceses, I received on Friday an invitation to the 100th Anniversary Mass (Celebration of the Eucharist) down in Alexandria.  On Aug. 6, 1910 Pope St. Pius X created the See of Alexandria, and transfered the See of Natchitoches to there.  For better, or worse, depending on who you ask around town, that has been the reality for the past 100 years.

I’ll definately have more about the Anniversary Mass, although I may get to serve in the 4th Degree color guard for the Knights of Columbus, so I’m excited.

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How to get rid of a Professor:

I have had really good professors and really bad professors.  I have had history professors who lectured on how the Church was biggoted for not letting women be priests (while speaking of the 1500’s) and openly professed her love for Zwingli.  I have had professors who have espoused their views on the economy, homosexuality, and presidents without any hesitation, no matter what the subject area.  But, I have finally figured out how to get rid of a professor I do not like… EVEN IF I DON’T TAKE ANY OF HIS/HER CLASSES!  Accuse them of being Catholic biggots!  It’s pretty simple.

Thomas Peters has a blog entry explaining the situation further.  Here it is.

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The American Papist with JPII on abortion

Thomas Peters, the American Papist, has a great article regarding abortion and society, in which he emphasises some of Pope John Paul the Great’s teachings on abortion.

Here it is!

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